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Posted the July 7, 2017 in
Posted by Alexis
On June 19th, 2017,  a monday session dedicated to groundbreaking technologies was held in Lier.
Cedric Spaas, a Belgian engineer working in Germany presented the future of augmented reality in the O.R, Menelaos  Tzafettas from Imperial College, London showed the audience which information we will be able to get from analysing the  surgical smoke, Dietmar Stephan, a German surgeon reported the first ever clinical experience with a surgical robot other than the da Vinci, Mark Slack, a South African urogynecologist working and teaching  in Cambridge gave a nice overview about surgical robotics and presented the soon to be launched surgical robot he is developing.
To finish the session, Joris Jaspers, an engineer leading the medical technological innovations dept. in the university hospital in Utrecht gave us an overview of how engineers and clinicians could/should work hand in hand to  develop new technologies.
An exciting evening in a nice venue attended by an interested audience.