Monday session: Video contest session – Erasme Brussels

The 3 Dec 2018

In collaboration with the BAST, the BGES organizes its  18th joint BGES-BAST video session on December 3, 2018.

Videos from 10 different surgical trainees from 10 different hospitals will be selected.

The time has come to call for abstract!

We invite trainees to send abstracts of interesting videos of laparoscopic, bariatric, colorectal and other procedures to  before 21/10/2018.

As for the previous meetings, all presentations:

  • must be made by trainees
  • in English
  • 15 min maximum including the discussion
  • Digitalized videos on PC must be used (any format is accepted but good quality is required).
  • PowerPoint or keynote format for slides.

A selection of all presentations will be made for the definitive program before  28/10/2018.

During the video session, the 3 best presentations, elected by BGES and BAST members, will be granted a prize!

First prize: 300€
Second prize: 200€
Third prize: 100€

Alexis Buggenhout (BGES) & Sander Ovaere  (BAST)