Monday session “I.C.Green” – Brussels

The 8 Oct 2018

Date: 8/10/2018

Timing :

  • 19.00:  Welcome – Walking Dinner
  • 20.00:  Start of Session
  • 22.00:  End of Session

Location: Institut Jules Bordet – Brussels

Organizer : Dr. Gabriel Liberale (Institut Jules Bordet)

During this session, we will have the honor to welcome experts in the field of ICG-Fluorescence imaging (ICG-FI):

Yves Van Nieuwenhove (MD, PhD) is chairman of the clinical sector Blood, Respiration, Digestion & Transplantation, Ghent University Hospital.

Head of Clinic in the department of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Ghent University Hospital and Professor of Surgery at Ghent University.

The presentation of professor Van Nieuwenhove entitled ‘Green light: ready to connect’ will address the role of ICG-FI in the evaluation of colorectal anastomotic vascularization.

Nicolas Golse (MD, PhD student) is ‘Praticien Hospitalier’ at Paul-Brousse hospital (APHP, Villejuif-Paris, France) working in collaboration with professor Eric Vibert and René Adam.

Nicolas is working on the role of ICG-FI in hepatic surgery.

The presentation of doctor Golse entitled ‘Fluorescence in liver surgery: Current and future application’ will address the role of ICG-FI in liver surgery

– Gabriel Liberale (MD, PhD) is Head of Clinic Surgical Oncology (Department of Surgery), Institut Jules Bordet

The presentation of doctor Liberale entitled ‘the role of ICG-FI in the detection of sentinel lymph node in colorectal cancer and new potential perspective’.

For this session, we have limited the meeting to 3 presentations, so we propose to interested surgeons using ‘ICG-Fluorescence’ in laparoscopic abdominal surgery to participate to the discussion allowing everybody to share its own experience!