Laparoscopic suturing course – September 29, 2017

The 29 Sep 2017

Suturing is a basic surgical skill.  Laparoscopic suturing however is a technique that proves challenging to master, certainly in the early years of surgical training.

The “Laparoscopic suturing course” has been integrated in the laparoscopic training courses of the Belgian Group of Endoscopic Surgery (BGES) and precedes other workshops on animal and cadaver models.

Course Objectives:  -To learn the fundamentals of laparoscopic suturing

-Safely introduce and pick up a needle to make a tissue bite.

-Suture through tissues at a desirable depth and distance

-How to achieve an intracorporeal Surgeon’s knot

-How to achieve a laparoscopic tumbled square knot

-Continuous suturing while maintaining the tension and completing the suture line

Course description:  half day practical workshop, delivered by expert in laparoscopy surgery with the

Simsei Laparoscopic Trainer  (Applied Medical)


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