Useful links

Here are some nice or interesting sites. They will be updated on a regular base. Please inform us of your own discoveries at our mail center.


Selected General Surgical Sites

The Belgian Surgery Website – The Royal Belgian Society for Surgery has been erected in 1893 to study, develop, teach and spread surgical science

Bast – The Belgian Association of Surgical Trainees: The Belgian Association of Surgical Trainees (BAST) was founded by surgical trainees and for surgical trainees

GBS/VBS accreditation references: All references since 96

Websurg – incredible resource for endoscopic surgeons. Free registration..

American College of Surgery

International College of Surgeons

Medweb Surgery – a great search engine for surgical resources on the Internet.


Surgical Endoscopy Sites

EAES Home page – main European Society – much improved recently.
SAGES home page – first US page, major surgical endoscopy website.
SLS Home page – second US page – see the B. Dallemagne (Bureau member) award.
SFCE – very Frenchy. Currenly few informations. If you are in search or more informative french sites:
IRCAD – EITS teaching center (Prof. Jacques Marescaux, Starsbourg): well known in the BGES..
Club Coelio – an small but innovative french group, reminding the early spirit of the BGES. Regitry-based studies, data input/output through the web (FileMaker). Real world surgery. Another view, needed to translate and analyse the impact of the (often self-nominated) “experts” views. Really impressive. Data access is restricted to members and approved by the french CNIL.
The GB Cadière Site – Beautifully illustrated descriptions of several advanced techniques.

General reference and search sites

Pubmed – a “superset” of MEDLINE, with pre-medline records and direct link to some full-text articles; more on this soon. A must!
Medline (Healthgate) – use the ADVANCED search engine!
NCI (National Cancer Institute) – PDQ and Cancerlit

Note: on those sites, you can search and download references in a structured text format usable by Reference Manager(TM). Use the NLM import format. No fee to link, searches or downloads. Fast and invaluable sites on medical research, publications and guidelines.