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In collaboration with the BAST, the BGES organizes its last video session of the year in hopital Erasme on December 19. Videos from 10 different surgical trainees from 10 different hospitals have been selected among numerous submissions. The program will be preceded by a walking dinner and followed by a voting session where the best video presentations will be rewarded by prizes.

here is the program : mondaysession-19122016


The youth is the hope of out future (José Rizal)

The 16 th bges-bast video session was hosted by the Alexis Buggenhout (BGES) and Stefanie Devriendt (BAST) at the hopital universitaire Erasme in Brussels.
10 abstracts were selected out of 13 entries and were presented by enthusiastic young colleagues.

The cosy auditorium stimulated vivid but friendly interaction.

The laureates of 2016 are :

1st E. Valvekens (KUL) with
“SILS-TAMIS proctectomy and ileal-pouch-anal anastomosis in ulcerative colitis”

Tied 2nd D.Gherardi (CHWAPI Tournai) with
“Intestinal obstruction in adult patients without prior history of abdominal surgery.”

Tied 2nd L.Marique (CHWAPI Tournai)
“How to treat GERD in mobie obese patients with a type III hiatal hernia and a long Barrett ?”

Congratulations and thanks to all participants ! Hope to see you all again next year