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  • Annual fee for Belgian members is only 110 Euros for surgeons and 50 Euros for “junior” members (post-graduates). 
  • The combined BGES-EAES membership with “Surgical Endoscopy” is even more interesting, 200 Euros for Seniors, 100 Euros for juniors.
  • Bank account :BIC GEBABEBB BE33 2100 8485 5046 (ref. membership + year )

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The Belgian Group for Endoscopic Surgery has made a lot of presentations in international congresses. Our first study (registry on lap cholecystectomy) was also the first in the world to show the increased risk of biliary injury.

Informed consent documents (from the BGES medico-legal committee) were published in the Acta Belgica.

Current studies include a  prospective registry on laparoscopic colonic resection, and on acute cholecystitis.