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The Belgian Group for Endoscopic Surgery remains one of the most active national movements in Europe.


The BGES is the scientific committee dedicated to the study, teaching and promotion of laparoscopic surgery in Belgium. It is affiliated with the Royal Belgian Society of Surgery and works closely with the Belgian Association of Surgical Trainees.

The board organizes a number of workshops for residents and trained surgeons, three evening sessions, a biennal congress, and a biennal congress trip.

It has been one of the most dynamic laparoscopic scientific societies since its creation in 1991.


Carla Coimbra

Secretary General


Hands-on lap suturing course (SIMSEI) – 13/09/2019 -Brussels

Suturing is a basic surgical skill.  Laparoscopic suturing however is a technique that proves challenging to master, certainly in the early years of surgical training. The “Laparoscopic suturing course” has been integrated in the laparoscopic training courses of the Belgian Group of Endoscopic Surgery (BGES) and precedes other workshops on animal and cadaver models. Course […]

19th Edition Starters Package – ORSI

19th Edition BGES Sarters Package – ORSI (2)


You have been long awaiting it and here it is……………………..

Hands on course: flexible endoscopy for surgeon – 10&11/10/2019

The surgical world is evolving towards less invasive alternatives, which increasingly includes flexible endoscopic techniques alternative to surgical approaches. In the future surgeons will find themselves increasingly cut out of disease treatments if they do not adopt interventional endoscopic approaches. In recognition of this need, the BGES proposes this hands on flexible endoscopy course for […]

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19th Joint meeting BGES-BAST Video Session

In collaboration with the BAST, the BGES organizes its  19th joint BGES-BAST video session on December 2, 2019. Videos from 10 different surgical trainees from 10 different hospitals will be selected. The time has come to call for abstract! We invite trainees to send abstracts of interesting videos of laparoscopic, bariatric, colorectal and other procedures […]


You have been long awaiting it and here it is……………………..