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The Belgian Group for Endoscopic Surgery remains one of the most active national movements in Europe.


The BGES is the scientific committee dedicated to the study, teaching and promotion of laparoscopic surgery in Belgium. It is affiliated with the Royal Belgian Society of Surgery and works closely with the Belgian Association of Surgical Trainees.

The board organizes a number of workshops for residents and trained surgeons, three evening sessions, a biennal congress, and a biennal congress trip.

It has been one of the most dynamic laparoscopic scientific societies since its creation in 1991.


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Charles de Gheldere

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Word from our president

brief BGES leden 2017 2nd-1

NVEC-aankondiging April 11-12, 2017


Strasbourg starters package 2016

The 16th starters package attracted 34 enthousiast senior surgical residents to IRCAD in Strasbourg on October 24th-25th, 2016. After 15 years of “how I do it “ lectures, we switched the topics of the lectures highlighting the most recent evidence on the choice of bariatric procedures, the management of rectal cancer, of colon diverticulitis, of […]

Members News

TAMIS course 2017

It’s our pleasure to invite you to the first BGES TAMIS course. This course is organized together with and endorsed by Applied medical. The evolution of minimally invasive surgery has also impacted on transanal surgery. Semi-flexible transanal platforms have been developed and replaced the more rigid transanal platforms gradually. This course aims to give a combination […]


In collaboration with the BAST, the BGES organizes its last video session of the year in hopital Erasme on December 19. Videos from 10 different surgical trainees from 10 different hospitals have been selected among numerous submissions. The program will be preceded by a walking dinner and followed by a voting session where the best […]