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The Belgian Group for Endoscopic Surgery remains one of the most active national movements in Europe.


The BGES is the scientific committee dedicated to the study, teaching and promotion of laparoscopic surgery in Belgium. It is affiliated with the Royal Belgian Society of Surgery and works closely with the Belgian Association of Surgical Trainees.

The board organizes a number of workshops for residents and trained surgeons, three evening sessions, a biennal congress, and a biennal congress trip.

It has been one of the most dynamic laparoscopic scientific societies since its creation in 1991.


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Charles de Gheldere

Secretary General


feedback morroccan congress 2017

The annual congress of the Royal Moroccan Society of Surgery was held from 20th to 22th of April 2017 in Marrakech and the implication of BGES was one more time very welcomed. As usual, it was a full programme, with outstanding keynote lectures, symposia, video surgery, and educational programme. It was also a very nice […]

feedback monday session Lier

On June 19th, 2017,  a monday session dedicated to groundbreaking technologies was held in Lier. Cedric Spaas, a Belgian engineer working in Germany presented the future of augmented reality in the O.R, Menelaos  Tzafettas from Imperial College, London showed the audience which information we will be able to get from analysing the  surgical smoke, Dietmar […]

Members News

Laparoscopic suturing Course – September 29, 2017

Suturing is a basic surgical skill.  Laparoscopic suturing however is a technique that proves challenging to master, certainly in the early years of surgical training. The “Laparoscopic suturing course” has been integrated in the laparoscopic training courses of the Belgian Group of Endoscopic Surgery (BGES) and precedes other workshops on animal and cadaver models. Course […]


COURSE OBJECTIVES Minimally invasive surgery is increasingly implemented in surgical centers all over Belgium. However, residents often lack the opportunity to perform advanced procedures. This course is intended to provide hands-on training on the most common advanced minimally invasive surgical procedures in the field of colorectal surgery. A faculty of experienced minimally invasive surgeons will […]