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The Belgian Group for Endoscopic Surgery remains one of the most active national movements in Europe.

Our story

In September 1991, a group of visionary belgian abdominal surgeons : the late André de Neve de Roden, Jean-François Gigot, José Etienne, Chantal Cornil, Robert Algaba, Michel Gélin, Benoit Navez, Joseph Weerts, Frans De Weer, Ludovic Vereecken and Bob Vanhee had the brilliant idea to create a scientific society dedicated to laparoscopic surgery, a completely new technique in these days, an approach lacking credentials and frowned upon by many experts.
The BGES they created was one of the first scientific societies dedicated to laparoscopic surgery worldwide and has since been a cornerstone of the rapid development of laparoscopic surgery in Belgium. The board of the BGES, it’s motor, consists of 10 dedicated laparoscopic surgeons,  evenly distributed between academic and non-academic, Flemish and Walloon. Board members are elected for 3 years and can be re-elected once. The BGES is affiliated  with the RBSS, the Royal Belgian Society of Surgery.

Our mission & our tools :

We have three goals :

First of all keeping in touch with laparoscopic surgery, keeping track of new developments, new technologies, new techniques. Laparoscopic surgery is a field where new techniques often lack validation, where eminences and egos tend to rule over scientific evidence and where many new techniques are industry-driven. We have an open mind and want to offer a platform for novelties in the laparoscopic field where proponents  can make their case and skeptics can challenge them. Three monday evening sessions,  hands-on courses  for surgeons  and our bi-annual congress  are organised in order to achieve this.

We also want to be a place where laparoscopic surgeons meet and interact. In the flesh on our meetings and online on our new website. Our bi-annual congress trip reflects this philosophy : to create a warm collegial atmosphere where friendship meets science. Establishing and entertaining contacts with foreign laparoscopic communities broadens our horizon.

Finally, we want to be a part of laparoscopic  training of surgical residents. Our colleagues of tomorrow deserve our attention. We offer hands on workshops for surgical trainees and interact closely with the BAST, the Belgian Association of Surgical Trainees. The BGES is also involved in the FUS (Formation Universitaire Spécifique) in Wallonia

Enjoy our brand new website,

Charles de Gheldere

Secretary General


Strasbourg starters package 2016

The 16th starters package attracted 34 enthousiast senior surgical residents to IRCAD in Strasbourg on October 24th-25th, 2016. After 15 years of “how I do it “ lectures, we switched the topics of the lectures highlighting the most recent evidence on the choice of bariatric procedures, the management of rectal cancer, of colon diverticulitis, of […]

Hospithera’s Advanced Surgical Academy in Ghent

This session is neither endorsed or sponsored by the BGES. invitation-asa-20-oktober-2016

Members News


In collaboration with the BAST, the BGES organizes its last video session of the year in hopital Erasme on December 19. Videos from 10 different surgical trainees from 10 different hospitals have been selected among numerous submissions. The program will be preceded by a walking dinner and followed by a voting session where the best […]